What should and should not be done with President Trump between today Jan 6th 2021 and Jan 20th 2021 will be debated passionately over the next few days. Some groups are already calling for VP Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment in order to remove President Trump from office. Some are calling for a fast track impeachment. More opinions will continue to be cast by pundits in all sorts of media outlets. However the fact remains that what has already happened in Washington D.C. today cannot be undone. And I am afraid the ideology behind this is here to stay.

I watched with utter disbelief as the pro Trump crowds moved up the steps of the Capitol building, some jumping up the railings and eventually breaking in. The remarkable visuals moved from stunning to mortifying and surreal and quickly became horrifying. Members of Congress were being told to Shelter in place?? Gas masks are being distributed?! This can’t be real! It’s not a Hollywood movie. This was meant to be a routine constitutional procedure of counting electoral votes and confirming President-elect Joe Biden’s victory as the next President of the United States of America. I cannot describe the feeling as I watched these crowds (I say crowds because I’m still trying to struggle what category to put them in) walk into the senate chamber and pushing against doors that were being guarded by armed guards with members of Congress crouching under benches. I think I heard myself say something like “is this really happening in America?!” …


Vaidehi a.k.a Wendy

Indian American living in Pacific NW. Mother-Wife-Daughter, Software Professional, Entrepreneur, Gun Sense Activist, Humanist, Gardner, Chocoholic, Movie Buff.

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